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New Staff

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New Staff

Post by Metal Avalon on Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:22 pm

I need two new administrators, and three moderators.

Administrators are given these permissions

The ability to recruit and add people to ranks, as long as they do not jump rank and reward and punish when it is not called for they will stay an administrator.

General of Monolith, and the ability to start your own groups (Charlie, Bravo, Alpha, ect.)

Plans for the clan, you may choose to set up servers on your own, no permission needed. You may start a war, end it, and administrate as so.

Moderators are to enforce the rules of the clan, they are the hands of the law, not the law itself.
You will be given the permission to ban, command, and alter.

To apply for these PM me about it and I will consider allowing you to become part of the work force of Monolith.

And remember, hosting starts July 8th, contribute to it by offering to host yourself! the more hosts the better.
All server hosts will be of course rewarded with the seniority status and a mark of honor for being the first to hold the clan up with their fellow brethren.
Metal Avalon

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