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Monolith's ranks

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Monolith's ranks

Post by SCRN - High Father on Sun Jun 06, 2010 9:59 pm

The Divided Laws of the Monolith
The Monolith will not be disrespected, slandered, or thought ill of.

The Monolith will go without questions, and shall be obeyed.

Obey The Monolith
Obey your speaker without question.
If you are lucky enough to gaze upon the Shadow Father you will treat him as a god, and show no fault in action.
Your higher ranks are in existence for a reason, obey the commands they give as they could very well be delivering direct orders from the Shadow Father or Speaker.

Obide by the customs
You must use all skins, sprays, and clantags provided by Monolith. These are for your own good, and will not only make the enemy recognize and fear us, but improve your performance as well.

You must address all ranks by rank first, than name. (Ex : Conduit Gregory) This is to insure that ranks do not go mistaken, and respect is shown amongst them. To address someone by their name alone is an insult in the eyes of the Monolith and Shadow Father.

Show respect to the Monolith by being a unique yet functioning member of the faction. Become a class and strive to be the best you can be of it.

The Ranks
The Monolith Faction takes high priority in it's ranks, and they are something to cherish and honor.

Recruit Rankings

Crimson - The Newest of recruits. Train them and mold them as much as able.
Contract - Standard Recruit Soldiers. Constantly remind them of the laws, it is your duty and their duty to remember them.
Bringer - A recruit who stands at being promoted to the soldier ranks. Constantly quiz them on past events.

Soldier Rankings
Receiver - The Standard Soldier of Monolith.
Conduit - A Specialized Soldier of Monolith.
Rave Conduit - Specialize in SMG and fast paced weapons
Hazard Conduit - Specialize in heavy weapons
Bulldog Conduit - Specialize in melee and close-quarter weapons
Strider Conduit - Specialize in long range weapons

Special Rankings

5th Rail - Extremely skilled with one weapon
4th Rail - Extremely skilled with two different weapons
3rd Rail - Extremely skilled with three different weapons
2nd Rail - Extremely skilled with many weapons
1st Rail - Extremely skilled with all weapons

Brother/Sister - A scripter, mapper, or hoster.
Dark Brother/Sister - Head of the Scripters, Mappers, or Hosters.
High Brother/Sister - Head of Dark Brothers and Sisters.

Listener - The Lefthand person of the speaker, assigned to keep watch on the Brother/Sister section of the faction
Watcher - The righthand person of the speaker, assigned to keep watch of the military section of the faction

Speaker - Passes the word of the Shadow Father onto the faction, and is the leader of the division of the faction.

High Father - Assistant to the Shadow Father, watches over the speakers

Guardians are a major play is the function of the Monolith faction. When you reach Soldier rank you are assigned to be the guardian of another member for the rest of your service to the clan. You are to watch over this member and keep them on the right track. You may volunteer to be a guardian of a member or when no suitable volunteers come forward you may be assigned to be a guardian.
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